Application Aware Serverless Security

Nuweba enables organizations to reap the benefits of serverless, without compromising on security, efficiency or performance

The only unified solution for serverless security, monitoring and performance

Nuweba’s application-aware security solution lets you secure your serverless functions simply and seamlessly. This protects you against application-level attacks, and also delivers blazingly-fast cold start times and real-time monitoring. We let you take control of your apps, while still enjoying the benefits of abstraction.

The 6 Layers of Nuweba Security

Technology, not Voodoo

No Container Reuse

Ensuring that function containers aren’t being reused and destroyed after every invocation, blocking attacker persistence ability

Credentials Vault

Secrets, tokens and IAM roles are stored in an inaccessible secured vault outside of the function containers

Code Execution Prevention

Observation of normal behavior based on low-level process activities – identifying deviations and malicious acts

Function Vulnerability Firewall

Protection against attacks including XSS, SQLI, SSRF, Information Disclosure, XXE, and more

Network Traffic Inspection

Achieve fine-grained control and visibility over functions' outbound network traffic, both internet and internal cloud services

Real-time Anomaly Detection

Detection of anomalies in users' interactions and internal function flow suspected as malicious, identifying potential attackers

Serverless Apps Deep Visibility

Real-time visibility and monitoring into your functions' behavior and flow charts. Whether it's security or DevOps incidents, Nuweba lets you detect and solve problems in real-time and gain insights that will help improve your serverless apps.

One Click,
Seamless Integration

We completely understand the importance of being low-touch and seamless while securing all your functions without demanding pesky code or changes to your functions. Deploying Nuweba is very quick, simple and hustle/headache free.

Oh, and we reduce cold start times. Dramatically!

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